Jonathan A. Tripodi
Transformational Coach


We came to Jonathan with a broken marriage. Through his skills, knowledge, and spiritual background, we learned amazing communication tools. It has changed the game for our marriage.

Topics we argued about for years finally were dealt with in an open, loving, vulnerable way. And most important to me, in an actionable way.

Devon Joos, July 2018

If your relationship is on autopilot, I would highly recommend investing your time and energy with Jonathan. He will give you sustainable tools to get through the roadblocks that pull you apart.

Client, May 2018

My husband and I have experienced lasting shifts in our 26-year marriage as a result of our sessions with Jonathan Tripodi.

He is the real deal in terms of authenticity, presence and understanding how relationships work! His unique combination of astrology, coaching, communication, tantra, and body memory recall allows couples to discover underlying issues affecting their relationships and break through barriers to connection, intimacy and sexuality at a pace that other therapeutic models simply cannot match.

His deeply supportive presence also creates the safety for couples to explore conscious, heart-centered partnership. The “love work” he has done with us and other couples we have referred has been nothing short of miraculous.

My husband and I make it a requirement to book a couples retreat with him once a year. I recommend his work to any couple in any phase of relationship.

Lisa McClenahan, MA, CHT, Life Coach
Sunnyvale, CA
December 2017

Whether you are dealing with significant challenges in your marriage, or just want to reconnect in a more meaningful way, I would highly recommend investing time with Jonathan.

In addition to his solid coaching skills, his is a rare combination of masculinity and vulnerability. These characteristics were critical for my husband to connect to, and allow Jonathan’ teachings to be processed.

Lisa Joos, July 2018

Jimmy and I took the communication course and it was phenomenal. I highly recommend it whether you are new in a relationship or 46 years into it like us.

Thank you, Jonathan, for sharing your gifts and knowledge.

Nadine & Jimmy George, June 2018

I was a skeptic of Body Memory Recall. I would not consider myself to be a highly spiritual or metaphysical person.

I’ve gotten to a place in my life in my 50’s where I realize I don’t know everything, that I hit roadblocks, and I am not the total and complete version of myself that I have the potential to become. I did several BMR sessions with Jonathan, and I found them very powerful. I felt and saw a shift.

Client, June 2018

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