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Jonathan Tripodi provides 20+ years experience supporting and coaching individuals and couples through transformative change. He combines his knowledge and experience of mind-body transformation with the art of Astrology to help individuals get to the root of your life challenges and navigate successfully through them.

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Life Coaching Astrology

An Astrology reading is an interpretation of a person’s astrological chart. A chart is constructed utilizing a person’s birth information; specifically their birth date, time and location. Astrology software computes the exact location of the planets when you were born and places them within a circle. The location of the planets, the signs they were in, and the angles they make to each other provide Jonathan with accurate insight into many aspects of a person, including their strengths, weaknesses, gifts, relationships, work, health, emotional nature and spiritual journey. Although how Astrology is able to describe a person so accurately is not fully understood, it has proven to be a valuable tool.

Jonathan provides this information to his clients in support of their desire for self-awareness, understanding of current life cycles and for achieving greater happiness, health and fulfillment in relationships.

Life Coaching + Astrology

Life Coaching Only

Life Coaching Package – Three Sessions

Relationship Readings

This reading has several components. First, Jonathan interprets a persons birth chart to identify their unique relationship needs, desires and priorities. He also identifies what qualities in a relationship will maximize fulfillment.

Next, Jonathan compares the birth chart of both people in the relationship to see how they match-up. Then he creates a Composite chart which merges the two birth charts into one. The Composite chart clearly defines what two people create when they are together.

Lastly, Jonathan evaluates the life cycles of both people to determine how these cycles are instigating challenges, change, and transformation in the relationship. In support of couples transformational cycles, Jonathan offers life coaching astrology to help both people actualize their highest potential.

Fee: $125 USD. Includes: 60 minute recorded reading.

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