Jonathan A. Tripodi
Transformational Coach

Jonathan Tripodi provides 20+ years experience supporting and coaching individuals and couples through transformative change. He combines his knowledge and experience of mind-body transformation with the art of Astrology to help individuals get to the root of their relationship challenges and navigate them successfully.

Founder of the Body Memory Recall (BMR) Approach

In 1992, Jonathan graduated from Physical Therapy School and began advanced training in mind-body therapy. In 1997, he integrated his training into one approach – Body Memory Recall or (BMR).

International Author

In 2003, Jonathan wrote the internationally acclaimed book “Freedom from Body Memory – Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past”. His book is translated into 3 languages and available in audio and electronic format.Learn More and read a sneak peak!

Teacher & Practitioner

Although residing in the United States, Jonathan has traveled internationally and supported over 2,000 clients to clear suppressed emotion, pain, stress and trauma from their bodies using his BMR techniques. He has also trained over 200 BMR practitioners located in over five countries.

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